zigzagsandsweettea asked:

9 & 36..

3. Talk about the little things on your body you like the most 

Im Slim and Solid ( if that makes sense). Im deceptively stronger then i look because I’m on the slim side, but I’m solid muscle wise ( s/o to calisthenics )

At the right moments my eyes change shades/color …. I’ve never seen it in real time but others have, and I like that. 

Love my skin tone, would not trade it for anything. No regrets on being a black ass yella nigga 

And….A nigga got them Tiger stripes on ma booty 

36. Talk about your Guilty Pleasures…..

i LOVE cartoons/comics. All kinds , and i will watch / read them all damn day. So many underlining themes and metaphors for adults within Cartoons.

Body rubs , received and given…sometimes my fingertips tingle cause i wanna rub on somebody. Especially in and right after the bathtub 

Im a lil bit of a tech geek. If i feel it’ll be an overall improvement to life or Music I’m coppin it. Bluetooth Speakers of all kinds are my latest tech addiction. I own so many …. 

Fragrances. Im extremely meticulous therefore i love shopping for Cleaning supplies and smell goods ( Lacoste Essential and Unpredictable Homme for Men on steady rotation right now ) for my car and home. 

I love weapons, of all kinds especially vintage. I collect them, been looking to buy a new Tomahawk axe with a peace pipe included. I own sword sets, daggers, revolvers …. Allat. I also look up and study diff fighting styles i think that shit is pretty  Dope

hanging-hermit asked:

38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.

Jesse Boykins III - Amorous
reminds me of all the first moments I’ve shared with amazing women

Big Krit - Kings Blues , reminds of how things were and how they could be…

Alex Isley - Into Orbit , reminds me of my lost galactic love I shared with an amazing queen

Big Boi - She said Ok , keeps my southernplayistic on chill

Lil Keke - Time , reminds me of my H-tine muhfukkin self !

Slim thug - Bomb Ass Pussy , reminds me of ma fav nasty guh 😏

The Spinners - Sade , my moms

…. This post could go on forever honestly lol hope someone asks this again